Please enjoy each dish representing
"today" in Shinshu as the scenery rolls by.

The areas from Karuizawa to Nagano along the Shinano Railway line are treasure troves of delicious ingredients that get chefs excited. Utilizing ingredients which you can only taste "in this moment" include plateau vegetables harvested in the morning and juicy seasonal fruits. At Rokumon trains, local chefs from famous restaurants showcase their skills. 

Introduction to the restaurants providing the meals

Atelier de Fromage

  • Atelier de Fromage
  • [Rokumon No. 1(main course, dessert)]
    Established in 1982, they are the "pioneers of hand-made cheese in Japan", creating fresh cheese and camembert ahead of the rest of the country. The cheese factory in Mihari, Tōmi City, experiences little rainfall and is on a southern slope 850 meters above sea level, perfect for making cheese. "Ristorante Formaggio", which is adjacent to the cheese shop and cafe, was also chosen as a popular restaurant in the Zagat Survey for its taste and quality.

    Atelier de Fromage 504-6 Mihari, Tōmi-shi, Nagano-ken
    To "Atelier de Fromage" website


  • Chikubatei
  • A Japanese Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multiple course meal) restaurant in Chikuma-city. There are various dishes made with Shinshu's seasonal ingredients in the two-tiered special cute white box called 'Jubako.' You can also drink "Matcha" that is unique to the "Rokumon". Please enjoy the creative Japanese cuisine of the chef.

    Chikubatei 2820-1 Kojima, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture


  • St.Cousair
  • Winery Restaurant St.Cousair opened in 1989 as a European restaurant St.Cousair.
    The building was modeled on an auberge (hatagoya) run by a couple of artists in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain. It was built to be a symbol of a rural resort with a warm atmosphere. The dishes made from local ingredients and the special wines play wonderful harmony, like lovers.

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